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Red and green silk saree description:

Shankransilks provides the most comfortable red and green silk sarees online, and this simple red and green silk saree combination design is highly demanded by those who are looking for multi-combination silk sarees.

Red combination saree design:

This saree is designed for weddings. So, this color combination saree is suggested for wedding purposes. If you have any interest in another use, you can choose it.

Red and green silk saree materials:

Top-notch-quality silk material was used to manufacture this beautiful saree. So, we make no compromises; the quality is exceptional for those who are looking for tissue sarees.

Red and green silk saree comfort:

This red and green combination silk saree is lightweight, weighing estimated around 400g to 450g, so you can feel very comfortable in it, given the green and red saree design.

Red green silk saree benefits:

These soft silk sarees look very shiny and very traditional. This soft silk saree is easy to adapt to everybody’s personality. So, this tissue silk saree gives you a unique look for your wedding.

More details:-

  • A soft silk saree is a versatile choice for weddings and events.
  • For a bride, this color combination means that a multi-color saree will be a perfect match.
  • The soft silk sarees constitute a unique collection in the current market.
  • Red and green combination silk sarees are rarely worn for weddings. In fact, this two-color combination elevates the bridal silk saree to the next level, as a golden border is added at the end of this combination. Choosing this silk saree is a good option for a wedding photoshoot.
  • Another distinctive characteristic of this combination silk saree is its remarkable ability to complement every skin tone with great ease.
  • A complimentary red-colored running blouse is provided at no additional cost.
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  • We are committed to delivering worldwide to our valued customers.
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Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2 cm


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